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Asian Sculptures

Code: T8

Thai Bronze Sitting Buddha - 14th Century Uthong Period, 36cm height

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Code: C10 

 Cambodian Bronze Standing Buddha - 7th Century Dvaravati period, 29cm height

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Test No. N204d40

Code: H109 

 Chinese Bronze Sitting Guanyin - South Song Dynasty, 23cm

Code: C6

Cambodian Wooden Standing Buddha - 15th Century Post Angkor Period, 177cm height 

Code: T4

Thai Bronze Sitting Buddha - 15th Century Chiangsaen III period, 58cm height

Code: L2

Thai Chiangsaen Laos Bronze Sitting Buddha - 15th Century Chiangsaen Laos Period, 110cm height

Code: L8

Laos Bronze Sitting Buddha - 15th Century Golden Period, 107cm height

Code: B13

Burmese Wooden Sitting Buddha - Early 19th Century Mandalay Period, 160cm height

Code: N1

Indian Bronze Sitting Jain statue - 11th Century, 15cm height


Chinese Ceramics

Code: H46

Imperial porcelain plate with incised and painted overglaze polychrome decoration and overglaze black six character mark - Qing Daoguang period (1821-1850AD), 13cm Diameter

Code: H17

Imperial pale sky blue long neck vase, decorated with crackled glaze and set on the neck with a pair of tubular handles - Qing Qianlong Mark and period (1736-1795AD), 35cm x 19cm diameter

Code: H45

Imperial ware

Code: H5

 'Jun Yao' Bowl - Yuan Dynasty, 8cm H

Code: H20

Celedon plate with longevity mark on inner surface, Longquan ware, Ming Dynasty, 25cm Diameter

Code: H48

Blue and white plate, the interior of the center painted with the landscape scene, and the well with clusters of flowers - Qing Qianlong period (1736-1795AD), 41.8cm Diameter

Code: H25

Ying-Qing bowl, the interior incised with the sea waves pattern - Song Dynasty (1127-1279AD), 20cm Dia.

Code: H44

Ying-Qing glaze stem cup - Song Dynasty (1127-1279AD), 7cm Height

Code: H43

Ying-Qing glaze cup and stem saucer - Song Dynasty (1127-1279AD), Saucer: 5.5cm H, Cup: 6cm H